Friday, 4 February 2011

Hello! Do you like me?

I did some sketches this evening ..trying to find some figures for some new birthplates
for my shop. I found this little" winter bear". I wanted to share him with you, and I would
be happy if you told me what you think.


  1. love it - i think the bear is super super cute. love the cute little hat and mittens

  2. Thanks Rachel! Sweet of you! Mister Bear was beginning to think that no one liked him;) he' s happy now - and I think I will draw him some friends!

  3. Hi there...thank you for visiting m,y blog!* My blog is translated by my mother because i hate google translator that´s why i don´t translate imediatly but tomorrow i guess you can read it!! Thank again, kiss from Portugal

    Graça Paz

  4. so cute :)