Friday, 21 September 2012

Rest here. For a minute. It`s okey!

I believe this one speaks for it self - It became a celebration of summer.
Below is just some ideas I played around with - you can find lots of beautiful stuff on Society6.  When I get around to it, hopefully these sketches can be there too. But untill then -it`s all in my mind. The print will be available in my shop soon.
And then..there is this one.
(Let me know what you think!)
And a lovely friday to you all!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Another piece inspired by "english scenery" patterns

I hope you enjoy this one - I sure enjoyed making it. It is a combination of watercolour & illustrator. Hopefully there will be time to continue and develop in this manner soon - because it was rather addictive. There will also be a re-design here - but it will have to wait a little, I am going to let it "grow" in my mind a little first. Have a lovely day, and make some magic!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Illustration inspired by old china

I have had time to do some personal work. Enjoyable. Finally. I`ve had this idea for a long time now. It is inspired by some old china that I have. Different style. Need more pratice. But happy with this one. Considering it is the first one. I am combining an old drawing style with different positive quotations that I think deserve the attention, and can bring a smile to the viewer. No more - no less.

Hope you like it!